Sarah & Sean 5.08.16

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Earlier in May it was my pleasure to photograph Sarah & Sean’s wedding day. I love this couple, they are as sweet and kind hearted as two people can be. I’ve been friends with Sarah’s mom for quite a while, and had the pleasure of being more acquainted with Sarah over time. I’ve seen this couple go through hard times as well as the happy ones, with the love and support of both of their families. Their wedding was just as much a tribute to their families as Sarah & Sean themselves.

Many of the decorations and garments were made by Sarah herself including all of the bouquets and centerpieces. I loved the way that everything had a special meaning to them, reflecting their Scottish heritage, and was something memorable. Being small business owners themselves, it was important that they support other small businesses. The necklaces for the bridesmaids were furnished by Diana Teeters, a local artist, Jamberry provided by the Maid of Honor Devin and catering was by Two Guys Cook (which was SO good- and Scottish as well!), and Sugar Rush Bakery (Sarah’s bakery business). Sarah’s headpiece was also custom made, and her dress, which was made by her mom, Pam.

Their wedding was definitely beautiful, with things that they will always remember. It was my honor to be able to be with them, and photograph their wedding. Also, a special thanks to Clark Porter Photo, for assisting.

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