Melissa & Ryan 5.07.16

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I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Melissa & her husband Ryan’s wedding last month. It was such a fun time with their close family and friends. I got to make the trek to Kentucky for the wedding, and was amazed at how beautiful the venue was. The ceremony was at Bennett’s Mill Covered Bridge, and the reception in a giant barn close by. I loved all of the memorabilia inside, and how it all came alive for Melissa & Ryan’s big event. Ryan and his brother are also very much a part of the military, so I had some fun with uniform shots.  Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the day!

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-1172bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-299 copy

untitled-7297 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-82 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-95 copy

untitled-7264 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-114 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-16 copy

untitled-7059 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-23 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-46 copy

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Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-27a copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-52 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-456 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-81 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-28 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-428 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-393bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-48bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-391bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-387b copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-58 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-174bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-383 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-369 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-342 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-118 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-256 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-367bw copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-319b copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-257b copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-312b copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-260 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-276 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-297 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-295 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-294 copy

Melissa-Ryan-Wedding-290 copy

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